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Colorful and Cozy Jacket for all sexes. Stay warm in style with the two layered Patch Jacket. Perfect warmth for winter (but stay away from rain or snow). Made with patches of Cotton fabrics with fur like texture and exotic prints.

Cotton and Fleece Boho Patch Jacket

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Each piece comes with unique combination of prints and colors so embrace your "one of a kind". 

       Length - 28"
       Chest(Front) - 23" (46" all round)
       Sleeves - 26.5" (One side)

       Length - 29"
       Chest(Front) - 24" (46" all round)
       Sleeves - 27"

       Length - 30"
       Chest(Front) - 25" (46" all round)
       Sleeves - 27.5" 

  • All Sales are Final.

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